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So trust its cleaning to the proven professionals of KleanKo.

At KleanKo You’ll Find the Three Cornerstones of Professional Cleaning

Cornerstone #1: Conscientious Service & People Who Care

Your satisfaction means more to our people than it does to the employees of some giant corporation. To this day, more than 40 years after our founding, our top management still gets involved in the daily operations.

Cornerstone #2: Creative Supervision from Local Experts

When Dan Marsh, an industrial engineering graduate, founded KleanKo his vision was to bring the principles of professional management and efficiency to an industry that was (and for the most part still is) un-professional and inefficient. 40 years later Dan’s vision remains and KleanKo provides you with efficient and cost effective building services through the principles of industrial engineering.

Cornerstone #3: Cost Effective Cleaning Solutions

KleanKo is a substantial company with the resources to tackle all of your cleaning needs. Yet, our pricing is surprisingly low when compared to the city-based giants. How can this be? It all comes down to the creative management and supervisory systems put into motion at KleanKo’s inception. The KleanKo approach replaces burdensome and expensive hierarchies with management processes and streamlined organizations. This means you get the most professional cleaning services at a fraction of what the “big names” charge.

When you are ready to speak with true cleaning professionals who have your best interests at heart, call (630) 620-1875 and experience the KleanKo Janitorial difference .

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