Ceiling Tile Cleaning & Painting

Ceiling Tile Cleaning and Painting

People Are Looking Up!

And that’s when they notice that your ceiling is at best dingy and at worst, stained, unhealthy and disgusting!

Ceiling Tile Dyeing

Left - Before Dyeing, Right - After Dyeing

It’s not your fault and you’re not alone!

By some estimates more than 20,000,000,000 square feet of acoustical ceiling tile has been installed in the United States over the past 60+ years! And here’s the thing, unless you’re talking about a KleanKo customer, or a ceiling that is less than a year old, the majority of those tiles look as bad or worse than yours!

The reason is that year after year your ceilings have been trapping airborne pollutants such as smoke, nicotine, odors, grease, pollen, dirt, dust and dust mites. The result is an accumulation of disgusting surface crud and stains!

What to Do?

Unless you want to replace all of the tiles with new ones (which by the way is VERY expensive) you have two options.

Ceiling Tile Cleaning

Close to 3 decades ago KleanKo pioneered the acoustical ceiling tile cleaning business and today we have cleaned hundreds of thousands of square feet of ceiling tile in churches, restaurants, court houses and more.
Our specially formulated cleaning solution and proprietary cleaning process safely removes all but the most stubborn stains and in most cases will leave your ceiling looking brand-new.

Ceiling Tile Dyeing

Is your ceiling really stained and shabby? If our cleaning process is not enough to restore a like-new finish to your ceilings then our proprietary dyeing process will do the trick. Because our process uses a dye, not paint, you won’t have to remove a single tile and there is no reduction in acoustical or flame retardant properties.

Caution: Acoustical ceiling tiles cannot be painted with ordinary paint and application methods. Doing so will ruin their acoustical properties, virtually glue them onto their supports and in some instances, ruin their fire retardant properties.

Our skilled technicians can restore the finish of even the most stained ceilings quickly and efficiently. Call (630) 620 – 1875 today to get a free consultation from the company that literally wrote the book on acoustical tile cleaning and dyeing.

Did You Know?

In 1984 KleanKo developed and patented one of the few acoustical tile dyes proven to restore tiles to like-new condition. At Kleanko, we have the people, equipment and experience to get your acoustical ceiling tile cleaning job done quickly and correctly the first time.

Call ( 630) 620 – 1875 today to make your ceiling look new again.

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