Warehouse & Construction Cleaning

Warehouse and Construction Cleaning Systems

KleanKo Janitorial has cleaned and made “move-in ready” warehouse and industrial facilities of all different shapes, sizes and specialties.

We clean warehouses and clean-up post-construction messes to protect workers, meet health and inspection codes and provide a professional image to your facility.When you call KleanKo you can be confident that you will be getting the most professional warehouse cleaning and post-construction cleaning services in the greater Chicago area at a very fair price.

Exacting coordination between our staff supervisor, you and your clients is just one reason why we are known as Chicago’s warehouse cleaning experts.

For Painless Cleaning Call KleanKo

  1. After learning your exact requirements we begin cleaning your warehouse or facility from the top down. Rafters, beams, cable trays, piping and ventilation get cleaned first and then we move down to the walls and ultimately the floor.
  2. Next, by using our industrial floor debris removal vacuum we can efficiently collect all the dust and debris we have wiped from the higher surfaces.  At this time we will also be identifying and spot treating any floor stains.
  3. With the heavy debris removed and stains pre-treated we move onto the deep cleaning phase where our skilled technicians use a state-of-the-art floor scrubbing machine to scrub your floor so clean you could eat off it!
  4. Finally, at your request, we will apply a sealant to the floor.  Here, there are several options including no sealant at all.

When we are finished your warehouse will look so clean you will not recognize it!

When we finish your warehouse or facility will look better, lease easier and operate more safely.

Call (630) 620 – 1875 today to get a free consultation from the company that specializes in warehouse and post-construction cleaning, KleanKo.


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